Bethel Life International Fellowship

Bishop David R. Harewood, D. D., Presiding Bishop

Bishop Melveeta A. Grooms-Harewood, D.D., Second Presiding Bishop


Who are we?

Bethel Life International Fellowship has been called by God to facilitate the Body of Christ coming together in the unity of the faith. We are also a family of ministers dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission. We will accomplish our vision through teaching, preaching, evangelism, and making disciples and leaders within all nations as mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ.


What is the BLIF Vision?

We are Apostolic Pentecostal in doctrine. We aspire to have a loving, compassionate, family of ministers and members who will encourage each other in the steps of Christ and the Apostles; to teach men and women the work of the ministry in their respective callings that in turn they will be fully equipped for the ministry and great end-time revival; to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be based solely on the infallible and all authoritative Word of God to the whole world and carry on the great task of global EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP. We will be training, teaching and developing leaders to raise up local churches where they are planted.


How Can BLIF Help Me?

1) Support

    Prayer contact via monthly conference calls

    Teaching Tools


    Clergy Development

    Information Sharing

    Conflict Resolution Strategies

    Church Revitalization

     Serve in an Advisory capacity when needed in problematic situations


2) Church Development

    Assist in structuring your ministry in order to match your present vision

    Provide strategies for effective ministry 



3) Spiritual Development

    Training from a team of competent ministry leaders with expertise in a variety of arenas for ministry growth

    Ministerial Development utilizing tools of communication that are available to you

    Opportunities are presented throughout the year for spiritual development through conferences and workshops or blogs

    Leadership that will challenge you to become all that God has ordained for you


4) Fellowship

    Opportunities for camaraderie just to know you are not alone

    Being a part of a Fellowship Family- connections

    Networking with like minded ministers who share your heart and vision

     Being connected without being controlled

    Foster unity in the Kingdom of God

    Holy Convocation

    Leadership Summit through conference calls and personally when opportunities present themselves

    Enlightening communication relative to development of your ministry

    International contacts throughout all of Africa, Europe, West Indies, Asia, North and South America


5) Spiritual Covering

    Autonomy with connectedness

    Validation and accountability of your respective ministry in the eyes of God and man

    Assurance in knowing someone is always interceding on your behalf

    Others will support you while you are watching for the spiritual protection of your congregation

    One who will speak a word of transformation into your life

    Ordain persons to the offices of Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists and other Ministers to preach the Gospel.


6) Other Provisions

    Our Ministerial Council are leaders in ministry who will be appointed by the Presiding Bishop in consultation with his adjutant and senior officers

    BLIF is not a fellowship of churches; it is a fellowship of ministers.

    A Registration fee is due with application for credentials, and an annual assessment is submitted annually through Paypal on our website.



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